The Great Thief Chapter 403

The sunrise and sunset in Dawn was completely different from reality.The Tirisfal Woodlands were always covered by a night sky. The Scourge that had ravaged Lordaeron during the war meant that no one had ever seen the blue sky or the white clouds there ever since.Wherever the Dark Queen Sylvanas occupied, the sky was perpetually dark.When Lu Li logged on, he appeared in a nameless camp.Those soldiers that werent killed by the Scourge retreated into the mountains in an attempt to recover. Unfortunately, their people kept dying and as their numbers grew smaller, the thought of a comeback became a joke. It took less than 20 minutes to return to the Scarlet Monastery from the small camp.On the way, they also conveniently went by Lordamere Lake and killed Vishass wife Nancy. Nancy wasnt difficult to kill, but she was still considered an elite monster.As per what they had decided, Lu Li and Moonlight pushed ahead first.This time, there wasnt any trouble with the other star players as they burst into the Scarlet Cathedral. "Lu Li, haha, Ive found something you want." Before they even started to do the Instance Dungeon, Square Root 3 messaged Lu Li.It turned out to be a pleasant surprise."What attributes does it have? Is it in your hands?" Lu Li asked eagerly.A Synthetic Stone was already quite rare, let alone one that could reduce an equipments level requirement. Lu Li didnt actually think there was much hope for it, but he didnt think that he would hear about it the very next day.What a serendipitous experience!"They say that this will reduce level requirement by 20%...""Thats fine too. Im currently level 31 and I can get to level 32 in a few days. Its better than going all the way to 40." Lu Li was excited and anxiously asked, "Have you bought it? Dont worry about the price just take it from my pay.""Well, the seller is quite unique. They want to talk to you in person." Square Root 3 understood how Lu Li felt but couldnt help him."They want to talk to me in person? Why?" Lu Li was speechless. He could either get his upgrade or complete this Instance Dungeon"Did you offend someone yesterday? Someone like Water Fairy?" Square Root 3 asked."What?" Lu Li suddenly felt uneasy, before he murmured, "Are you telling me that Water Fairy is the one who has the Synthetic stone? Dammit!"He couldnt help but curse. He had just realized the reason why Water Fairy had contacted him a second time about the strategy yesterday.A woman with her pride would never contact him twice about the same thing after being rejected the first time.Lu Li wasnt fully calm at the time and hadnt thought it through, but now, he understood everything."I heard it from a Mercenary Group they had sold it to Water Fairy. I talked to her for a bit yesterday afternoon and it seemed okay, but then she said she wanted to talk to you personally and it didnt sound too good," Square Root 3 recalled with a bit of confusion."Yeah, I offended her," Lu Li said in frustration.Retribution had hit him so fast that he was caught off guard. He now had two choices give up the Synthetic Stone that was in Water Fairys possession or go and talk to her in person."Lu Li, dont you have any thoughts about Water Fairy?" Square Root 3 couldnt help but ask after listening to Lu Li. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); "Thoughts? What thoughts?" Lu Li didnt understand."Please, you shouldnt keep info from your own people. I know you swapped equipment with her, otherwise, you wouldnt have won the finals so easily," Square Root 3 said matter-of-factly."What about swapping equipment?" Lu Li asked it as if it was completely unthinkable.You couldnt really blame him he had grown up on streets which were filled with violence and crime. Where the strong dominated and the weak struggled to survive, there was no time for petty affections. Although the later part of his life was better, who would fall in love with a Gold Collecting Member? When his sister got sick, he wasnt in the mood to think about things like that."Although this is just a game, it couldnt have been nothing for Water Fairy to swap clothing with another man. Are you guys dating?" Square Root 3 couldnt take it anymore."How is that possible?" Lu Li was shocked when he finally understood."Alright, Ill just tell you. I dont really care about this." Square Root 3 didnt know if he took pleasure in someone elses misfortune but he couldnt help but smile.However, he didnt think that things were that simple.Water Fairy was the famous ice goddess who thought men were ants. There was even a rumor going around that she was a lesbian.She didnt reject him, but she wanted to talk to Lu Li personallyThey were dating they had to be.Lu Li didnt know how to repair the damage done to Water Fairy so as to make her willing to sell the Synthetic Stone. At this time, Water Fairy was already at the Scarlet Arsenal trying to clear it out. The Xin Xin Mercenary Group had several High School students, half of which were young girls. The game had been online for 2 hours, but they had still not yet started the Instance Dungeon. It clearly wasnt much of a rush for them.However, it was different for Drizzle Court. At the first moment of everyday, they immediately started the Instance Dungeon.Any supplies that they needed were purchased for them and delivered directly into their hands."Sister Water, we got wiped again. Why are you laughing?" It was Leaf Bro who was speaking. The person who had received instruction from Lu Li at Moon Creek Prison had not become part of the Drizzle Court core group.Of the ten players, there were only two men; the rest were a bunch of beautiful females. The majority of Dawns males were filled with envy for these men."Nothing. How am I laughing?" Water Fairys face instantly transformed to normal. Leaf Bro hesitated for a second; he didnt dare to tease the female tycoon.Deadly Green Orange, on the other hand, wasnt afraid of Water Fairy. She came over and contemptuously said, "Last night, you seemed off and now, you are laughing after we got wiped.""A hapless poor fool has finally fallen into my hands," Water Fairy coldly said. "Screw it, lets not keep going. Lets just wait for the strategy."After this, the party from Drizzle Court sat cross-legged at Arsenals entrance, waiting for Water Fairys so-called strategy.Lu Li wasnt the kind of person to deliberate for too long; he quickly put his thoughts into action.He had decided to talk to Water Fairy and first send a message to her to say hello."What is it? Im really busy right now," Water Fairy shot back within seconds.