The Great Thief Chapter 374

Ruling Sword had taken the First Clear for the Scarlet Graveyard? Although the world channel could be muted, the system announcements could not be blocked. No matter what you were doing at that very moment, you would be able to see this announcement. There was no doubt that all the teams in the Scarlet Monastery at the time had seen the announcement. They werent robots; they were people with emotions too. Countless teams forgot what they were doing and ended up being wiped by Bloodmage Thalnos. Sorrowless paused briefly, then returned to his usual composure. "Why are you all standing around? Were not too far behind either. Keep going well be the second team to pass the dungeon." No matter what Sorrowless was thinking on the inside, he appeared calm. The team of Glory Capital consisted of players including Blood Dagger, Dancing Flower Beauty and I No Understand. They were all players with a strong mental fortitude. They only paused slightly, not giving the Boss a chance to turn the situation around. After two minutes, Bloodmage Thalnos had been slain. "Were only two minutes behind," Sorrowless emphasized. "Pass down the guides to our elite teams; have them start on Scarlet Graveyard. If theres any team that can manage to beat the time record of Ruling Sword, theyll be rewarded with a hundred thousand dollars, real money." The Paladin could almost predict the reaction of the elite teams. It wasnt just a simple $100,000; this was a task handed down by Sorrowless himself. They needed to give it their all. System: Youve received one skill point. Lu Li sighed in relief; this dungeon run was worth it! He had a lot of skills and most of them were important. The difference between a level one and level five skill wasnt something that could be ignored. If the system ever gave him a hundred skill points without anything else, he would still gladly take them. It was a pity that there were only so many ways for a player to obtain skills points. Skill points only had a small chance to be given out to players after defeating a boss. He had received one skill point from Illidans Shadow, one point from the Howling Caves, one point from Blackfathom and another skill point just then. In addition to the extra skill point from Shadowstrike, he had only received five extra skill points in total. As someone who had reincarnated and taken multiple First Clears, this wasnt a high ratio. He asked around, but he was the only one who had received a skill point reward this time. This wasnt something that could be forced and everyone understood it. Since there werent any other rewards, it was time to loot the boss. There was a good chance for the Boss to drop Gold grade equips, as this was a level 30 dungeon on Difficult mode. As per usual, Remnant Dream ran towards the skeletal mage. The little girl was brave; she didnt have a single bit of fear in what she was doing. The first item she looted was a rare material Anguished Souls. It looked like mist, but it was actually a solid item that was entirely clear. A distorted human face could be seen on the surface of the item; it looked as if someone was howling within. According to legend, the souls tormented by Bloodmage Thalnos would all solidify into this kind of essence. It was a good item, and a rare material often used for Death Knight equips. Although it didnt have a wide range of use, it was an item that only the Scarlet Graveyard would drop. The second item was a little rock. Synthetic Stone: Constitution+10, Strength+5. Synthetic stones could be embedded into equips, given that the equip already had slots for one. The Axe of the Legion in Moonlights bag had a slot like this. Axe of the Legion (Gold): Damage 40-58, Strength 20, Agility 12, 1 Slot, Special Effect 1: 15% Critical Hit, Special Effect 2: Hits have a 30% chance of causing Armor Pierce. Special Effect 3: Wrath of the Legion All teammates within 8 yards will received a 20% increase in attack power for 15 seconds. 5 minute cooldown. Equipment Requirement: Level 30. Durability 64/64.With the help of a high-leveled blacksmith, the attributes of the stone could be transferred onto the axe. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); These kind of stones could be found from monsters or gem cutting. Usually, stones from gem cutting would be slightly worse in terms of attributes; they would typically only have one bonus attribute. However, stones from bosses would have two or more attributes. If a player was lucky, they might even find a stone with special effects, which meant that the player would be able to add another special effect to their equipment. In the near future, a stone with an exquisite special effect could even be sold for up to six digits. The stone in Remnant Dreams hand was quite decent; it gave fifteen points of useful bonus attributes. Of course, the stone would be best for Azure Sea Breeze; he was the main tank and needed the Constitution attributes more than the others. "Hurry, see if theres other things." None of the items were for her, so Hachi Chan was a little worried. Equipment seemed more appealing when she had to fight for them; she probably wouldnt even be this excited if she was receiving her quest rewards. "Its not yours," Remnant Dream laughed as she looted an equip. She was happy because this wasnt an equipment for Hachi Chan; it was always nice to see others suffer. It was a level 30, Gold grade Plate armor with decent attributes. Unfortunately, it wasnt up to the standard of a First Clear, and it was for healing Paladins...There were no healing Paladins in the team, so the item had to placed in storage. Darkness, who was in the elite team, was a healing Paladin, so she might be able to use the equipment. This loved one of Sorrowless had signed a contract with Ruling Sword; it seemed like she wasnt just playing games with him. Lu Li wasnt too concerned about their business. Nightedge would soon part ways with Sorrowless and as for Darkness, as long as she didnt do anything to harm Ruling Sword, Lu Li would still consider her as a part of the guild. "Theres one more." Most bosses dropped around three items, so Remnant Dream tried again and managed to pull out another equip. As the only boss in the Scarlet Graveyard, Bloodmage Thalnos generously dropped a second equip. "Haha, its mine!" Hachi Chan went up close to look at the attributes and quickly snatched the item away. It was a level 30 Silver grade leather Belt. The attributes werent as great as the Gold grade equip from before, but they werent too bad either. The reason why Hachi Chan liked the belt wasnt because of its attributes; appearance was always the most important factor for her. "Thats all." Remnant Dream reluctantly pulled her hand back; she was still keen for more. "Wandering, summarize the guide for this dungeon. Pass it down to the elite team and have them start on the Scarlet Graveyard." No one else on the team besides him and Wandering had this kind of talent. "Do they need to get the Scarlet Halo?" Wandering asked. "Whats the current situation outside?" Wandering asked around; the information he received was quite surprising. The current situation outside the Scarlet Monastery at this point was more tragic than they had thought. With the advantage of location and the lead of Glory Capital, the Horde guilds were actively oppressing players from the Alliance faction who aimed for the dungeon. Many people had already given up on the Scarlet Halo. The Alliance faction were at a disadvantage for the Scarlet Monastery dungeon, or at least, this was how it seemed at this point. They lacked the buff from the Halo. Scarlet Halo: Damage dealt to Scarlet Crusaders increased by 5%. HP Regeneration increased by 5% and Mana Regeneration increased by 5%. Lasts 1 hour.It didnt seem like a lot of difference judging from one player, but the difference reflected clearly in a team of ten players. It meant that the Horde faction guilds had an extra half of a person doing the dungeon with their teams. "Tell them to not worry about the Scarlet Halo; just teleport into the dungeon. Even if its difficult mode, theyll be able to complete it if they have the guide. Itll just take a little more time." On the other hand, Lu Li and his team didnt have to worry about the Scarlet Halo, because they had Lu Li.