The Great Thief Chapter 178

"Look, it's him, the top of the rankings, 11 PK Points." From when Lu Li had logged on, there had been people eyeing him. After all, it was his fault that he was at the top of the PK Rankings, which was watched even more closely than the Level Rankings. This was because there was nothing too interesting on the Level Rankings, whereas the PK Rankings were shrouded in mystery and had a sense of bloodiness and battle.Lu Li was felt like a monkey in a zoo. He was incredibly relieved that he hadn't forgotten to put on his Bandanna."It's just killing 11 people; it's not a big deal. Even killing a hundred wouldn't be a problem for me."Lu Li didn't quite like the feeling of being watched, but he was an exception. Most people enjoyed being eyed by others like a celebrity."11 PK Points aren't that had to get rid of, but would you really dare to walk around with those 11 PK Points?" someone immediately retorted back.Indeed, gaining 11 PK Points was a simple task, which could be accomplished by casually killing 11 people. For those who were a bit more shameless, they could even kill players with Trade Professions. Getting hundreds of PK Points in a day wouldn't be too difficult. However, this wasn't worth the risk, because they would be pursued by swarms of Bounty Hunters.If one had many PK Points, being killed would result in them dropping 3 pieces of equipment and being automatically sent to the jail. There, they would wait for their PK Points to be slowly cleared at 1 point per hour."That's not the main thing. Do you see those people over there, the Milky Way Fleet?" someone said as they pointed at some idiots who were trying to unsuccessfully hide."It's the Milky Way Fleet that have recently become renowned for their brazenness. They formed a team to clear Bounty Quests? They're way too shameless!""You're thinking too much," the other person smugly said. "Their boss was killed by this Number 1189 guy""No way, the Milky Way Fleet's idiot boss is always training with a bunch of people. Why would he be so bored as to accept a Bounty Quest? If you even go near that place, you'll immediately be mobbed." Perhaps this brother had suffered from that before and he vehemently spoke out."That's because you're useless. Number 1189 killed him with hundreds of people around. That scene was the epitome of 'taking a life from a thousand miles away as if taking something out from a bag'."Lu Li didn't know anyone from the Milky Way Fleet, but he knew that there were many people who hated him. He hurriedly accepted a few Bounty Quests then entered into Stealth."Goddamit, this is way too wretched. How can he just avoid battle like this? Where was the massive fight I was expecting?" the spectators dissatisfiedly yelled.The people from the Milky Way Fleet turned green. They had waited for so long and yet, their target had simply gone into Stealth and left."Check the radar, are you pigs?" The spectators were adamant on watching a good fight and began to give ideas. There were even people walking around, trying to find Lu Li. This was unacceptable for a story-plot. There had been a massive build-up to the climax, but in the critical moment, the main character had run off. Lu Li had long since exited the Mercenary Hall. This time, he didn't leave the city, but went to the Teleportation Point.He paid 2 gold coins to be sent to the Lakeside Town.Lu Li didn't feel distressed at the loss of 2 gold coins at all. He was about to face a homicidal demon.When he had accepted the Bounty Quest, the No.3542 person had 4 PK Points, which had now grown to 8 PK points. He was definitely killing players with Trade Professions, for his points to be increasing so fast.Lu Li appeared at the Lakeside Town's Teleportation Channel.Some players liked to take the boat, while others who didn't like to waste time preferred to be directly sent there. Lu Li was evidently the latter.From where he stood, the Redridge Mountains could be seen to the east and the clear, still, blue lake could be seen to the west. It was a beautiful scene.This place was paradise for Trade Profession players and was the top location for sightseers. The lake was abundant with fish, which included the delicious Spotted Sunfish that were renowned for their amazing taste. Spotted Sunfish that was cooked by Cooking professions could increase Constitution by 1-5 points. The Redridge Mountains were also abundant in mines and many Miners hoped to make a fortune there.Lu Li looked at the radar and found that his prey was on a mountain. He was probably killing Miners.Killing Trade Profession players was one of the most despicable acts that could be committed.The system gave twice the amount of PK Points for killing Trade Profession players.It was still early on in the game, but in another few months, the Trade Profession players would form the Trade Profession Alliance. It was a massive organisation that spanned both factions and was even more powerful than the Mage and Thief Alliances. They would issue bounties for high prices and would sometimes even place bounties on their target's guilds.By the time Lu Li arrived, the person already had 10 PK Points and was still killing Trade Profession players."Girly, don't run. I'll let you go if you let me touch you," a Paladin with the word 'Punish' above his head laughed wildly."We have a guild, so you shouldn't push us too far," a female player huffed as she ran."Guild? Don't be stupid. Would they become enemies with Very Vulgar Very Violent over useless players like you?" Paladins were slightly faster than normal players and even more so Trade Profession players. He quickly caught up and smashed his hammer into the Trade Profession player's back, clearing half of her HP bar."Apologies, doing a Bounty Quest." A voice floated through the air and suddenly, the attacker stopped moving.It wasn't that he wanted to stop, but that he couldn't move anymore.Paladins were a Plate Armour profession that could heal themselves. They also had skills that could reduce damage, so Thieves normally avoided fighting Paladins.However, the unexpected had happened - a Thief had ambushed a Paladin and had dealt shocking damage. The Paladin's HP began to rapidly fall."Who the hell are you? You dare to kill someone from Very Vulgar Very Violent?" The Paladin despaired. Mentioning his guild when he had the upper hand was a display of power.However, now that his life was in someone else's hands, mentioning his guild showed how scared he was.Very Vulgar Very Violent was a second-rate guild with a bad reputation. Their members were all shameless and committed despicable deeds, such as killing Trade Profession players.Lu Li didn't pay any attention to what he said; his words were useless. Even if they were of great importance, Lu Li still wouldn't let him go.If he killed this guy, all of his PK Points would pretty much be cleared."Just you wait"Antagonists loved to utter this line before they lost.Lu Li picked up three pieces of equipment from the ground and was surprised to find that they were all quite good. They were all Steel grade equips with decent Special Effects."Um, thank you. We would have lost EXP again otherwise." A Trade Profession player stepped forwards. She was a Mage, but wore a Trade Profession badge, showing that she would not participate in battles.She would not deal damage to monsters and monsters would not attack her for no reason.It was incredibly difficult for these sorts of players to level up. They could only level up by relying on quests from Trade Profession NPCs. Of course, they could also find people to boost them or help them level up. That was usually what the rich Trade Profession players did."I was just doing a Bounty Quest," Lu Li replied."Regardless, you helped us, so thank you," the female player sincerely said. She was a Gnome and looked quite small."Alright, I'll accept your thanks." Lu Li didn't want to cause a ruckus.After clearing his PK Points, he planned on going back to his Engineering Laboratory to produce the Maintenance Robots. This would allow him to level up his skills, earn money, and earn even more money."Can we hire you to protect us?" the little Gnome hesitantly asked.