The Great Thief Chapter 1461 - Last Hint of HP

Chapter 1461: Last Hint of HPTranslator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus TalesOnly a few people were alive, and everyone's hands were tied trying to protect Lonesome Flower. All Hachi Chan could do was to throw a smoke bomb at Lonesome Flower's feet to reduce aggro so the Boss would not go after him before everyone else died.Lu Li and Water Fairy were still alive. Thieves had an edge in this situation; they had ways to keep themselves alive. Her abilities became much more useful after the Main Tank died."What on earth are you waiting for?" Lu Li shouted to Lonesome Flower in disappointment. Lu Li had pinned his hope on Lonesome Flower. Now the Boss had more than 10,000 health left, but there were only five people left. Fortunately, Onyxia hadn't used an area-of-effect attack, otherwise, the team would have been wiped." …"Lonesome Flower looked at Lu Li, and released a spell from his hand.
A fireball flew out.Lu Li was disappointed, and he couldn't believe that this was the epic move he had been waiting for from Lonesome Flower.Soon, Lu Li realized that there was more to the fireball that met the eye. Lonesome Flower was right, because after the first fireball exploded on the Boss, another one flew out.One, two, three …About five fireballs were thrown at the Boss per second, and the whole barrage lasted for 3 seconds. It was like a machine gun and each fireball dealt more than 300 damage. Lonesome Flower had dealt four or five thousand damage in one shot, which meant that he could use this ability to instantly kill Lu Li.The Boss had only a few thousand health left. If Lonesome Flower had another one of these scrolls up his sleeve, everything would be sorted out easily.However, the few thousand health loomed over the five remaining players on the field like a mountain. One more mistake, and the team would lose their chance.
"Why are you staring at me?"Lu Li was very helpless when found out the Boss was coming after himself.Phantom Shift!Six phantoms appeared randomly, lasting for three seconds. The caster could choose one of them to replace it with themselves.Seeing six identical Lu Li's, the Boss also felt some confusion. It was time to test their luck. No matter how many phantoms there were, some Bosses could figure out the true body at a glance. However, Lu Li's Phantom shifting effect was not quite the same as the others.In a sense, Lu Li's true body was not one of them. Only when he chose one of them to be his true body would it appear. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711500")})The Boss killed two phantoms and wasted a lot of time. This was the special effect of Felstriker.
Now, Sakura Memories had died and no one could use Bloodlust. Fortunately, Lu Li could make use of the Bloodlust special effect on his Felstriker. It consumed 20% of his health, but increased his Attack Power by 50% and increased Attack Speed by 50% for 10 seconds."2,000 health left - hang in there."Upon seeing the Boss rushing to himself, Sesame Rice Ball could do nothing to save himself.His fat blue pet rushed to the Boss to blow itself up, dealing 500 damage.Only four people were still alive - Lu Li, Water Fairy, Hachi Chan, and Moonlight.When the Boss was chasing after Sesame Rice Ball, Moonlight trigged a special effect on his weapon and his health dropped down to 1% immediately. This special effect was similar to that which was used by Lu Li, but it was even more severe. A gentle touch by the Boss or a drop of lava and he would certainly be dead.His Attack Power and Attack Speed had been increased, and each strike was accompanied by an ever-increasing Armour Pierce effect.
"Everything is depending on you guys now."Accumulating a huge amount of aggro in a short amount of time, Moonlight temporarily held the attention of the Boss, but was quickly slain. After all, he was not a Main Tank, and only had the last sliver of his HP.900 health!Lu Li stopped running around. The consequence of the chaos was that the degree of his Skill Completion was not high.The same was true for Water Fairy. With only three people left on the ground, the two Thieves were the main sources of damage output. The 900 remaining HP was entrusted to them.As for Hachi Chan, the damage she could deal to the Boss was negligible. After all, her main responsibility was being a healer. Apart from having a cute appearance, all she could do was to restore health to everyone.A Shadowstrike with 90% of completion dealt more than 300 damage. Lu Li then took a deep breath and tried to use the Backhand Backstab. With four combo points, dealing 500 damage to the Boss was not a problem, but Lu Li was quite confident that he had no chance to use it.The Princess of the Black Dragon swung her tail and Lu Li suddenly turned into a corpse mid-air.
Soon, Water Fairy died before she could land two attacks on the Boss. Everyone had a little health left and could die from the slightest bit of damage. As such, the Princess of the Black Dragon emerged the victor with just above 100 HP.However, Hachi Chan was still alive and casted a Moonfire on the Boss silently.Moonfire: Summon a beam of moonlight to burn enemies, causing a certain amount of damage, and continues to burn enemies for the next 6 seconds.This skill caused 100 damage to the Boss. The damage was relatively high considering it had come from a healer. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711502")})An insignificant being that slipped through the net dared to challenge her majesty?Onyxia screamed angrily, then rushed over. Hachi Chan was too late to cast a second Moonfire skill …Lu Li almost vomited blood; there was no way this was enough for the last hit. The fact was that more than 100 HP remained, not just a few dozen points. Lu Li was able to deal a few dozen points of damage with a normal attack."Beat her with a stick!"Unfortunately, everyone had died and their voices couldn't be heard. Even if they were typing messages, Hachi Chan had no time to read them.Yes, if you beat her with a stick, you might be able to kill the Boss.If that happened, the Princess of the Black Dragon would have died without dignity. She was killed by the last remaining enemy who used a stick. If her father and brother had known it, they would refuse to recognize her as their daughter and sister.However, Hachi Chan did not realize she could use her stick. Perhaps it was hard for a little girl to figure it out amidst all of this chaos.The bystander could always think more clearly, so it was forgivable that she did not think about her stick. In addition to casting spells, the stick could also be used for physical attacks. Her little face had been shrouded in despair, and the same went for the other members that had died but were still paying attention to the battle.These things took a long time to unfold. If it was a movie, it would be told as a thirty-minute story.However, from the Boss going Berserk to killing the last player all happened within a few minutes.Onyxia's huge figure gradually emerged over the little Hachi Chan, and only one touch was needed to get rid of the last player in Ruling Sword.Surprisingly, Lu Li didn't feel too frustrated - everyone had tried their best and the Boss had gone Berserk. In short, everything was under their control, but the result was not quite what they had expected.Perhaps they had to wait and continue tomorrow.System Message: Congratulations to Ruling Sword, Drizzle Court and Peerless City. Azure Sea Breeze, March Rain, Lonesome Flower, Hachi Chan … Water Fairy, Star Baby … Haze … under the leadership of the commander Lu Li, have completed the first Clear of Onyxia's Lair at Nightmare difficulty.Wait a second, what had just happened?Players across Dawn were shocked immediately after seeing the First Clear System message, along with everyone in Ruling Sword."I am alive …aren't I?" (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711501")})