The Great Thief Chapter 1444 - Burning Cannonballs

Chapter 1444: Burning CannonballsTranslator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus TalesSky Moon gazed over and his heart sank immediately.He turned toward Lu Li and looked at him helplessly, and began to doubt whether the city wall could stand the attack of these new cannonballs. After all, since Glory Capital only had a dozen or so chariots left, their apparent self-confidence probably came from the advantage of these new weapons.Actually, this attack-defense battle could not be considered equal at all.The overwhelming advantage would be with the defenders. They had reinforced their sentry towers and limited their chariot numbers. On top of that, the attackers were using a 40+40 formation, which, in addition to the extra shield the wall gave the defenders, made it very hard to capture the Stronghold, unless they used some special method.Apart from Sorrowless' last resort trumping the strength of Ruling Sword's members, those cannonballs were also terrifying.
Lu Li had never encountered a Stronghold Attack in his previous life, and was not very interested in them either. He didn't know he would be reborn, nor did he know he would have the ability to participate in this struggle for a Stronghold.Lu Li had heard many rumours. He knew that some special cannonballs existed, but he didn't know what this red cannonball would do. However, he was not confused for too long. After the first cannonball smashed into the wall, all the answers became apparent. Apart from being more powerful than normal cannonballs, these cannonballs also burned the area upon which they fell.They could even burn stone!This burn had a massive effect on how long the wall would last for. If nothing unexpected happened, a great hole would be formed in the wall after a few minutes."Calm down, they've only got a dozen chariots left," Lu Li reassured Sky Moon, who had lost his cool. A great commander had to be able to able to face unexpected circumstances and still maintain their composure. Such a commander should not panic when encountering a problem, but rather should think of a solution.Judging from this event, Sky Moon might have been a genius, but at the moment, his temperament was still a bit choppy."Ok boss."
Sky Moon took a deep breath, then cried out loudly, "Don't just stand there! Move the chariots back and maintain the largest attack distance possible for a forward attack. The main aim is to smash their chariots. Teams one to twelve, prepare to encircle the enemy to launch a surprise attack on their chariots."This was another all-out, not caring for losses attack.Lu Li couldn't come up with a better plan, nor did he have any objections against this strategy. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711500")})Actually, Glory Capital's original plan didn't have to be this way. They should have preserved more chariots by splitting into three teams, using these cannonballs balls to smash the wall. That way, Ruling Sword would find it much harder to defend.But now, because of Sky Moon's actions, they could only merge into one team.Sky Moon could therefore smuggle some people out of city. After that, under the wall above the middle team, they could start a battle fighting for the Stronghold.One could imagine what would happen in this situation of 60 people attacking 80.
However, Ruling Sword didn't have any choice as for what to do. They couldn't let these special cannonballs strike their walls, or else they could lose their refuge behind them.Eighty people from Ruling Sword certainly weren't an equal match for eighty from Glory Capital, even if 40 of their people were chosen randomly from a group of 200."We meet in battle!" Sorrowless laughed coldly.Sorrowless had anticipated well before time that Ruling Sword would use a surprise attack strategy. At this moment there were no crafty schemes or cunning plans, but just a true clash of force between two of the finest guilds.However, Sorrowless was still underestimating Lu Li's determination. This poor wretch always preferred to take the safe road, but unexpectedly showed a very resolute side of him this time. Ruling Sword players hadn't really demonstrated their strength in their attack against Glory Capital players. However, they now revealed their abilities, with the aim of attacking those chariots."Boss, we got six pieces of equipment, but we lost three chariots," someone reported after calculating the results of the battle."Next time, remember to protect the chariots. Don't just focus on killing people."
Sorrowless pursed his lips, not satisfied at all with this battle result. In another situation, exchanging 1000 gold and a chariot for a piece of Epic equipment wasn't a bad trade at all.However, this was a battle for a Stronghold. Sorrowless would not lose three chariots even for 10 pieces of equipment."Continue to prepare for the next attack. The lost equipment …"Sky Moon looked at Lu Li. Although he was the commander, he didn't have all the authority. It was up to Lu Li to settle question of compensation of equipment."The guild will definitely compensate everyone for the equipment. Three Bro will organise it when the time comes," Lu Li said.Now was not the time to be petty. If you wanted to exactly determine who lost or dropped the equipment or who was in an unlucky situation, then everyone would probably immediately stop working hard. This affected the most basic benefit of the game to its players; the sense of collective honour was always more important than virtual objects. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711502")})"Alright, we're still focusing on the chariots. We don't need to destroy all the chariots; as long as they don't form into a sizeable group that'll be fine," Sky Moon said."We have six bombs here, and only six. This could probably destroy two chariots."
Lu Li had been gathering the bombs, but it was too hard to collect Starwood. Drizzle Court and Peerless city also participated, but as before, they only managed to create a small number of bombs.To make a bomb, they needed a root of Starwood. All the other ingredients were relatively easy to find.If Drizzle Court and Peerless City provided two Starwood roots, they could be made into one bomb. Ruling Sword would gain a profit of one bomb. At Lu Li's level, there was basically no chance of failure in making a bomb, so this could be considered good business."That's good stuff!" Sky Moon was very happy. With his eyes lit up, he looked at Lu Li and asked, "Boss, do we have any other trump cards?"If they had any more similar things, then just a few more would make this battle nothing to be concerned about."No."Lu Li was quite annoyed. Surely he wasn't like that stupid cat Doraemon? If Lu Li really did have that power to get whatever he wanted, then not only would the Ruling Sword have no trouble defending their own city, but they would also go and attack other Strongholds."That's alright. With what we've got, we're already pretty close. It's just that our losses might be quite heavy this battle."Sky Moon also knew about the flaws in his commanding style."If we can't do anything about it, we'll just do our best. This time, you command at the top of the city, and I'll lead some of us down there for a sneak attack."Lu Li looked at Sorrowless, standing not far from the city. That guy, by himself, had only just killed a few people from Ruling Sword.Sorrowless seemed to have noticed Lu Li's gaze and he couldn't help but shiver suddenly. Could it be that this wretch wanted to stab him to death?In a normal duel, Sorrowless the Mage was certainly not afraid of Lu Li, but he also knew that Lu Li wasn't one to make predictable or logical moves. He would often have strange things up his sleeve, so he might have some method to kill him off instantly. If he was assassinated once, then that could still just be considered carelessness. However, if he was killed again in front of everyone, then he would merely be a stepping-stone for Lu Li's career."If Lu Li comes down, let me finish him off," Sorrowless said fiercely. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711501")})