The Great Thief Chapter 1427 - Carrying Dungeons

Chapter 1427: Carrying DungeonsTranslator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales"Remnant Dream, go loot the Boss. Let's keep going."Lu Li and Water Fairy healed and continued onwards.Since it was Nightmare mode, monsters still dealt quite a lot of damage to them. However, Remnant Dream's pet was pulling aggro as well, so they could easily heal through the damage taken.The two newbies looked at all the corpses on the ground in excitement; they had completely forgot to ask about the drop distribution.Normally, the commander wouldn't give drops to the newbies, since they ran these dungeons for money. However, some of the more generous commanders would leave the unwanted trash for the newbies to pick up. If there was equipment that they could use, they would sell it to them at half price as well."If equips that we can use drop, can you sell them to us?" Cracked Glasses asked."Ask Dream - all the drops from today belong to her."That was the only downside of bringing Remnant Dream along; all the low-level items and materials that dropped would go to this greedy girl."You two can take any drops that you can equip, but all the other rare materials and equipment are mine."Remnant Dream was definitely greedy, but she wasn't selfish. The Boss dropped a Gold equip and two Silver equips. The Gold equipment was for Druids and Remnant Dream immediately distributed it to Midsummer Bloom."Thank you, older sister Remnant Dream."Midsummer Bloom had very good manners and thanked her enthusiastically."Why are you so excited? It's not like it was some godly equip or anything," Remnant Dream said, playing it cool as she continued searching through the corpses. She left everything behind besides the rare materials. For Remnant Dream, the dungeons that she usually attempted dropped Legendary equipment, so she felt nothing when she saw these Gold grade equips. However, for these newer players, it would be rare to see them wearing anything above Silver grade.Since Zul'Farrak was far too difficult for their current level, everyone was focused on levelling up instead.Therefore, the purpose of dungeons wasn't to upgrade their equipment, but to train. It would be more efficient for them to grind levels in Normal or Elite grade dungeons. As such, their equipment was still mostly Silver grade.This was Midsummer Bloom's first Gold equipment and to her, it felt as if she was dreaming. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711500")})"Let's go. Water Fairy is pulling the Boss up ahead already," Remnant Dream said. She saw that the two of them were picking up more rubbish and materials and stopped them."We can come back for this since we're making so much progress."When they caught up to the second Boss, Water Fairy and Lu Li were already there waiting.As soon as they arrived, the battle was over."Keep up; don't waste time. If any equip drops for you guys, Remnant Dream will leave them for you," Lu Li said as he headed straight for the third Boss.The second Boss dropped another Gold equip; it was a robe for Mages that was useless for both of them."Give it to the Hunter; he can sell it," Lu Li typed in the team channel.He had the obvious intention of wanting to please Cracked Glasses. At first, Cracked Glasses was only thankful that Lu Li would help train him, but with this extra gift, he started thinking that Lu Li was really a genuine guy.The Witch Doctor Zum'rah had area of attack skills, so Midsummer Bloom was killed by accident.This showed the difference in skill between the two newbies. Midsummer Bloom, who focused on healing herself, was still killed. However, Cracked Glasses, who was a squishy Hunter, was still alive because of his positioning and the timing of defensive skills.When Midsummer Bloom thought that she would have to retrieve her body, Lu Li Revived her.This was a Thief that could Revive other players in battle!The two newbies were blown away yet again and began whispering amongst themselves.It was mainly just Midsummer Bloom encouraging Cracked Glasses."Older Brother Glasses, let's join Ruling Sword. Lu Li is too overpowered."Cracked Glasses was slightly annoyed and said, "If you want to join Ruling Sword, then you can go and try. It's not like they would take on anyone. Look at our equipment and levels - we probably don't meet their requirements.""I made a mistake before and died, so Lu Li would probably not want me, but you're different. I think Lu Li sees the potential in you," Midsummer Bloom said.Zum'rah did not drop any Hunter nor Druid equipment. Lu Li gave Cracked Glasses a Gold equip and a piece of Silver equipment to Midsummer Bloom. These low-level items weren't worth much money to them anyways."Forget about it. We should focus on levelling up to 60 instead," Cracked Glasses snorted. He was more rational and realistic.Lu Li did not know about their conversation, or else he would have happily recruited them both. He mainly wanted Cracked Glasses, but if recruiting his friend was necessary to get him then, Lu Li would be more than happy to do so. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711502")})The fourth and fifth Boss were slightly more difficult, but they did not pose much of a threat.The last item was a Hunter weapon and it was given to Cracked Glasses again."I'm taking too many things. I should pay you for this."Cracked Glasses felt a little uneasy; he didn't like being handed free things from others. Not only was Lu Li taking them through the dungeon, but he was also giving them the equips.There was no such thing as unconditional love in this world.Lu Li took the opportunity and immediately offered an invitation."How about this? I think your mechanics are pretty decent. Why don't you join my guild?"Cracked Glasses was even more suspicious now.Why would he be so interested in him when he had such a beautiful goddess in Water Fairy right beside him?"Sure, no problem. I was just telling Cracked Glasses that we should join Ruling Sword. We've always wanted to join but we were worried about our equipment and level, hahaha."Midsummer Bloom was ecstatic and did not realize that Cracked Glasses was slightly uncomfortable."Oh okay, that's cool. Just accept the invite," Lu Li said as he sent the guild invitation.Cracked Glasses felt very conflicted; he didn't want to just join a guild so easily. Lu Li had carried him, given him free equips and was very friendly throughout the whole process. Especially after what Midsummer Bloom said, he felt like it would be rude to reject his invitation.Besides, before he joined Dawn, he had already planned on giving professional gaming a go.He had heard many things about Ruling Sword during his time in Dawn and they were definitely a highly-competitive guild. This was basically a free ticket to reach his goal.The two accepted the invitation and Lu Li received a notification.Lu Li was more than happy and asked, "Dream, did we get what we were after?""No, the drop rate is probably quite low. Didn't you say every monster has a chance of dropping it? I've already searched every corpse in the dungeon," Remnant Dream sighed as she shook her head."If not, then we can try again."There was nothing Lu Li could do because the drop rate was quite low. It was difficult, even for his lucky trump card Remnant Dream. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711501")})