The Great Thief Chapter 1318 - Legendary Equipment

Chapter 1318: Legendary EquipmentTranslator: Exodus Tales  Editor: Exodus Tales"Just split it anyhow; it's not that good anyway," Azure Sea Breeze said impatiently. This guy has been harping on about his Legendary equipment for a while now, and he no longer thought very highly of Epic equipment.In fact, his intention was for Lu Li to give it to March RainAlthough Darkness was part of the Elite group, Azure Sea Breeze had known March Rain for half a year. As a Main Tank and a Healer, they were always working together, so their relationship was definitely not comparable to his relationship with Darkness.However, he couldn't say that directly. Otherwise, there would be no fairness in this guild."Well, I can keep waiting," Darkness said. She could read everyone's minds by looking at their expressions, and so she offered to give up the equipment.Instead of being forced to give it up, it looked better to take the initiative.Everyone looked at Lu Li. The original Xin Xin Mercenary Group hoped that Lu Li would give this item to March Rain. The newcomers in the group hoped that Lu Li wouldn't be so biased towards the older group. Even Fat Monkey had a faint hope in his heart that Lu Li wasn't a biased person, as he was relatively new compared to Azure Sea Breeze and the others.Was it better to continue building a better relationship with March Rain, or to give the item to Darkness in order to win the support of the newer players?If he gave it to Darkness, the newer players would definitely be very pleased."Why are you looking at me? Just roll for it. You both want it, so how else can we decide it? Unless you're waiting for me to roll for you," Lu Li said in bewilderment.Rolling was an option that they had all forgotten about. It was Dawn's simplest way of splitting equipment. Whoever rolled a higher number would take the piece.Everything that they had been thinking about had just gone out the window.March Rain and Darkness looked at each other. Even if they insisted on giving up the equipment now, it would only serve to deteriorate the relationships among the group. Lu Li giving them the opportunity to roll for it was the best way to resolve this conflict.March Rain rolled a 69.Darkness went next, and rolled an 82 to beat March Rain. She looked around and seemed a little embarrassed but found that no one else was really paying attention.They had hoped that March Rain would get the item, but it wasn't unfavourable for Darkness to receive it.After all, everyone had fought together in Instance Dungeons a number of times already.Darkness was also quite modest, which was similar to March Rain. The main members of the group knew of her ties to Sorrowless, but no one had ever questioned whether she was undercover or doing something in secret. They never avoided her either.The next item was a Nightslayer Cloak!It was part of the Thief T1 set and was an Epic item. Lu Li had felt that exquisite items for him hadn't appeared for a very long time.If one imagined themselves as the main character of their story, they would imagine the Boss only dropping items that they could use. Lu Li had been tirelessly farming Instance Dungeon after Instance Dungeon, but he would only see a few suitable equips. Sometimes, he wouldn't see any at all, which was quite a miserable experience. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711500")})Now, he had finally gotten what he wanted.Lu Li currently had two Nightslayer items - the Nightslayer Leather Pants and the Nightslayer Ghostface.Nightslayer Leather Pants (Exquisite Dark Gold): Armor 65, Agility+60, Constitution +35, Evasion +20%. 2 slots. Special Effect 1: Shadow Step Skill +1. Special Effect 2: After a successful block, there is a certain probability that the blocked damage will be dealt to the attacker. Special Effect 3: Demon Transformation. Gain the power of the Demons. Decrease damage taken by 20% but ignoresall crowd-control skills. Gainsa floating effect which prevents all fall damage. 120 minute cooldown. Equipment Requirement: Level 55. Durability 280/280.Nightslayer Ghostface: (Exquisite Dark Gold): Armor 60, Agility 55, Strength +30, Dark Field of View +30%, 2 Slots. Special Effect 1: Wild Roar. The caster roars, increasing base attack power of everyone within 30 yards by 10%. Lasts 30 seconds. 20 minute cooldown. Special Effect 2: Shadow Plunder. Randomly obtains a buff from the target. Lasts 20 minutes. 30 minute cooldown. Special Effect 3: Void Gaze, Increases the probability of finding Stealthed units for 60 seconds. 20 minute cooldown. Equipment Requirement: Level 55. Durability 280/280.The former had come from the Stone Guardian and the latter had been inside a Treasure Chest in a shipwreck.After that, Lu Li received a Nightslayer Breastplate Mold from Remulos and looted a Nightslayer Bracer Mold from Emperor Thaurissan. This was a four-piece set, but the materials for the breastplate were too difficult to make. The Bracer was also an Epic item, which was too difficult for March Rain's current tailoring level.Now, there was the Nightslayer Cloak, which was an Epic item like the Bracer.He had originally only planned to obtain the 4-piece effect, but now it seemed like achieving the 6-piece effect was possible. If he could find 8 pieces, that would be even better."I will have to rely on you for the rest March Rain," Lu Li said as he gave the item to her."Next time I go to the Tailor's, I will do it. I have the materials ready," March Rain nodded. She didn't hate this work as this type of exquisite equipment would greatly increase her Tailoring level."Is that it? Is there no equipment left?" Moonlight couldn't help but interrupt Lu Li.Regardless of what Lu Li got, no matter how good it was, it had nothing to do with him. All he cared about was whether this black sword with exquisite Attributes was dropped …He wanted the Blackblade of Shahram!"What's taking so long? Come, Dreamy, you can have this," Lu Li offered as he immediately took out a small bag of coins and gave it to Remnant Dream. Remnant Dream then happily started counting the money, with no regard for Moonlight's feelings.Although the bag of coins didn't seem large, there were actually 300 gold coins inside. It was enough for Remnant Dream to pay for a year of college. Without knowing it, this little girl had already become a rich woman who could support herself."So …. Boss," Azure Sea Breeze stood next to Lu Li."What?"This guy normally never called him Boss. He was definitely hiding something. His words just sounded very strange and Lu Li reminded himself that he had to be careful."You see that I am a Warrior, and I can use two handed weapons," Azure Sea Breeze sighed sadly. "If I had an exquisite weapon before, I would have been able to kill my inner demon.Because I didn't, I almost got everyone wiped. I have decided to use some of my points to acquire an exquisite weapon." (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711502")})He actually wasn't spouting nonsense. Dawn was a game that allowed you to change your Armor in battle, but you could also change your weapons and shields."I have something here you can use. I'll give it to you later," Moonlight said seriously."Cough, I want the Blackblade."Azure Sea Breeze hated that he had to say it straightforwardly. Moonlight had to be acting dumb because he was usually a much shrewder person."I feel like I could use it too," Wandering interjected."Well I can too, okay? Stop staring at me and remember who is finding it for you," Remnant Dream scolded."I'll leave it up to you guys. Dreamy, quickly loot the items. Make sure you hit them with it if you get it, but we'll need to hurry up. It's getting late."It was nice to be able to play with so many friends. Lu Li never though he would be surrounded by so many people that he trusted.However, there would always be times of annoyance. While Lu Li waited for March Rain to make his equipment, he didn't want to just watch them argue.Remnant Dream felt like Lu Li made some sense. She didn't really use her melee weapons and mainly used her bow, but she would still profit from looting it. No one would dare offend her, so even if she asked for 500-1000 gold, they would have to pay for it."Blackblade!"Everyone other than Lu Li was excited when they heard Remnant Dream shout the name. Lu Li wasn't excited because he knew that General Drakkisath had taken the black sword from the weapons rack before the battle began. This meant that the drop was basically guaranteed.The only problem was the grade of the Blackblade when it was dropped."Let me see! What grade is it?" Moonlight exclaimed in excitement.At present, there were some whispers of Legendary equipment being dropped. Although no one had ever seen one, the rumours that were being spread weren't always believable. However, the final Boss of the Blackrock Spire at Nightmare Difficulty was the most likely place where one could be dropped.This was also a First Clear, so if they couldn't find a Legendary, there was no other way to get one."Give me 1000 gold, Moonlight bro, or I will take this item myself!" Remnant Dream squealed and jumped after looking at the item. It seemed like she wanted to be the first person to be equipped with a Legendary weapon, even though her favourite things were cute pets."Give it!" Moonlight wasn't embarrassed and was just overjoyed.The thing he feared the most was Remnant Dream saying that the equipment was weakand offering to give it away."Send the attributes out for us to see," Lu Li urged.This was the first Legendary of the group. His Supreme Ring would become a Legendary when he could upgrade it again. He also had a number of strategies in his head to acquire a Legendary item, but none of them would allow him to directly obtain one.Blackblade of Shahram (Legendary): Damage 110-200, Strength +240, Agility +160, Health +800, Critical Hit +30%, 3 slots. Special Effect 1: Whirlwind Skill Level +1. Special Effect 2: Assault, instant cast. Rush into the target. The first attack dealt will be a critical hit. 2-minute cooldown. Special Effect 3, when attacking a target, there is a chance that the soul of Shahram will be summoned for 10 seconds. Equipment Requirements: Level 60. Durability 360/360. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711501")})