The Great Thief Chapter 1262 - A Trap

Chapter 1262: A TrapTranslator: Halcyon Translations  Editor: Halcyon TranslationsThe defence of the Undead soldiers wasn't as great, but their attack was very high. Each attack dealt around 1800 damage to Lu Li. With all the healers healing Lu Li, they barely maintained a stalemate."Boss, someone's coming here!"Lu Li paused; the timing was perfect. He had picked a less-popular location, where no one would really set foot. He thought he could get rich quietly, but trouble still came his way in the end.He was actually thinking too simply. He thought that he could get rich here in silence, but clearly, he wasn't the only one with the same idea."Who's here?" Lu Li asked."Looks like Horde players. When we attacked this barracks, the System informed the nearby Horde players," a player who was in charge of scouting explained."I got it. Go check for me where they are right now and keep in contact with me," Lu Li said.The scout nodded and turned into a panther as he disappeared.Lu Li let out a sigh of relieve when he heard that it was Horde players arriving.It would be a lot more troublesome if this was Alliance players. After all, this was a faction war, and anyone in the same faction could be counted as an ally. If they insisted, saying that they were here to reinforce, Lu Li really couldn't do anything about it. On the other hand, Horde players were far easier to deal with. They simply had to kill them.The Horde players were quick to arrive, but they lack coordination.Without the slightest bit of hesitation, Lu Li dragged an Undead soldier towards the Horde players. At first, the Horde players thought it was weird for him to rush up against them, but they really couldn't tell what was wrong. Since Lu Li was so brave, and there were so many of them, they were certain that they could kill him with numbers.Hence, skills rained down.The skills that rained down on Lu Li barely scratched him; almost none of them dealt more than a hundred points of damage.Lu Li had roughly 80000 HP, so he really couldn't care less about the damage that these Horde players dealt, unless of course, there were a few more waves. On the other hand, the Horde players not only dealt damage to Lu Li, but they also dealt damage to the Undead Warrior that had its health halved by Lu Li's crew.Lu Li had already stopped attacking the Undead Warrior and the aggression continued to decrease.Now that so many of them were attacking it, it was natural for the aggression target to change. The Undead Warrior was fast; it immediately charged into the team of Horde players. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711500")})Faction NPC and players were allies and they usually worked together, so it was rare for NPCs to attack players. They might even reach out their hands to help at times when players were in danger. However, the situation was different when they had been attacked. After all, they needed to defend themselves too.In the eyes of the Undead Warrior, it could no longer see the symbol of alliance on top of the Horde players' heads. He just wanted to take down these traitors who dared to attack him with the Alliance adventurers.Lu Li didn't go up to help. He just needed to wait around for the results. These Bosses were around level 60, and besides tanks with decent equipment, none of them could take more than a hit. It was only a matter of time before these dozens of Horde players were slaughtered.As for the long-ranged classes that he brought with him, they didn't move. It would be troublesome if they drew the Undead Warrior's aggression back onto themselves.Meanwhile, Water Fairy's side had already encountered another Undead soldier. After Lu Li solved his issue, he went over to help. As for the equipment that was littered all over the floor, there were plenty players who picked it up. These can be resold for coins to repair their own equipment.The Undead Warrior that Lu Li took down didn't drop anything valuable.Although it was a Boss, the System wouldn't be so kind to have all these monsters drop Legendary equipment.These 'Bosses' were just stronger elites. While they had slightly better loot, they definitely can't be compared with real Bosses.Real Bosses in the Wild would at least drop one Legendary equipment, a number of Dark Gold equipment and even more Gold equipment, alongside a handful of gemstones. Skill books and rare materials were also part of the equation.Even if these average NPCs were to drop a Legendary, it would have average Attributes, and would probably around level 55 too. Only NPCs with titles had a chance of dropping level 60 Legendary equipment. As such, if a player picked up a level 50 legendary equipment from these soldiers, there was really nothing to complain about."You've sorted your side out so fast! How?" Water Fairy questioned."The Boss helped us kill the Horde players, and the Horde players helped us kill the Boss. We should really thank them," Lu Li joked.He didn't always keep a serious face on; everyone had times when they joked around. It was just in the beginning, he was so stressed about life. No one could really spend time laughing while on the struggling edge of survival. Although he still bore the stress from building a club, he was confident about the first step of maintaining his quality of life."There'll be others later," Water Fairy worried."Don't worry. They're all random players. Just make sure we don't expose ourselves," Lu Li dismissed. The Hillsbrad map was too large now; it would be difficult to run into someone of their level. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711502")})"We're running out of time." They had told the NPCs that they would be away for two hours."Don't worry about it. Even if we meet up with them, we won't be taking down Bygraves straight away. After all, this battle needs to continue for the whole day. Let's get our levels up first," Lu Li said.After they took down the few Undead soldiers, the barracks was announced by the System to have been taken over.The two hundred men were thrilled by the huge amount of Experience, Reputation and Glory Points that they received. At first, they thought that they would miss out on this major event since they were following Lu Li and Water Fairy to perform a special task. None of them were expecting such a great harvest.Their friends had informed them that they were currently killing Horde players or taking down campsites. Although it was blood-boiling, they really didn't get much out of it all.Then, Lu Li and Water Fairy proceeded to take down another few more campsites. They were getting close to hitting level 59.Although it was hard for Ruling Sword to reach level 60 by the time of the competition, but they couldn't resist the idea from popping into their heads. Almost in a crazed manner, Lu Li swept through a number of campsites. The ones that he couldn't take down entirely, he would take down a few monsters before he left.They had looted quite a few pieces of Legendary equipment, but only a handful were useful.In the future, the equipment market was bound to be impacted by this event. Low-level, but exquisite equipment would drop significantly in price because of this event.This wasn't the end to it all. In the future, the Scourge Invasion event would make it even worse.The company would bring out a setting which reduced special effects. This meant that level 50 equipment worn by a level 60 players would have its effect reduced. At that point, the value of these level 50 items would finally drop.After 3-4 hours, they had taken out a dozen campsites. Lu Li had finally reached level 59 and his next target was level 60. However, reaching level 60 was such a monumental task that he might not even achieve it after another month. Although the jump was only one level, the amount of Experience that he needed was almost ridiculous.Reaching level 60 wasn't that important either. Most of the competitors were wearing level 60 equipment anyway thanks to gemstones that reduced level requirement. 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