The Great Thief Chapter 1230 - Heart of War’s Tears

Chapter 1230: Heart of War's TearsTranslator: Halcyon Translations  Editor: Halcyon TranslationsIn the first few years, Allistarj remained a kind and upright Mage. His knowledge of magic continued to grow. However, as he grew older, his research became frustrated and his heart began to fill with resentment.The door to forbidden magic was then suddenly opened to him, and this process was rarely reversible. Once he began to fall, he could descend deeper and deeper into it. Allistarj transformed from one of the lowest Mages to an average Mage in 10 years, but he had paid the price of countless souls to get there.When Rakh'likh appeared before him with the temptation of being a Mage stronger than the high-level Mages of Dalaran, he didn't hesitate to pledge his loyalty.From that point on, Allistarj had already died.He couldn't recall the blue skies and white roofs of Dalaran, nor could he remember the wildflowers along the trails. Even his facial features were gradually fading away into the dark night sky of the Blasted Lands.Now, he was a just a deranged Demon Mage.He had put on a White Robe, but was actually shrouded in a layer of darkness. The name Archmage Allistarj was one that brought fear even to the Ogres.This group of foolhardy adventurers had stepped into his Mage Tower.Allistarj felt an unprecedented anger because his dignity had been violated. The Thief that was heading towards him was holding the Demon Talisman that he regarded as his treasure.It was given to him by his master Rakh'likh as a token to symbolize his new power.Lu Li had taken the four elite groups and was making rapid progress through the Mage Tower. The advantage of not having any ghosts blocking them meant that they didn't need to stop to revive their teammates.Once they were near the top of the tower, everyone suddenly felt like the environment around them was changing.When this finally stopped, it seemed like they were no longer in the Mage Tower. Instead, they were in a dimly lit space where all they could see was black and there was a rancid smell wafting through the air.This was an undiscovered or unexplored region which had been magically created. It was connected to the Mage Tower, and was a trick used by many Mages.Only the humanoid Wild Bosses would have secret areas like this. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711500")})However, there really wasn't much benefit to these areas other than the fact that you wouldn't be disturbed.Lu Li had previously guessed that Allistarj would have such a space, so he wasn't as worried as the other players. Even if the other guilds arrived, they wouldn't be able to interfere with their Boss fight.However, there was also a downside. The number of players who could enter the area was limited, so once the battle started, you couldn't add more players to the fight."Boss, look!"A voice caught Lu Li's attention. He looked in the direction where the voice had come from and saw a scene he never would have imagined. Even though he generally had quite a stoic character, he almost burst out in laughter.There were a dozen non-Ruling Sword players staring at Lu Li and the others, and they looked terrified.Allistarj had used his magic to transfer all the players within the Mage Tower into this secret area. Not only did this include the four hundred Ruling Sword players, but also Heart of War and the others who had entered the Mage Tower.Allistarj was quite innocent in this matter. If the ghosts thought you were an enemy, then they were probably an enemy of his too.Heart of War was about to throw up. He had run into a tough ghost when he entered the mage Tower, so he ordered the strongest players into the tower so that they could create a foothold for the others to get in.He didn't think that he would be transmitted into this place in the blink of an eye.The scariest part was that there were more than 400 elite Ruling Sword players standing in front of them. They were like sheep that had entered a den of wolves. The worst part was that they couldn't even escape as the area was so vast"Hey, hey. I trust you have been well since we last met," Fat Monkey said as he waved his hand."I see the masters of Ruling Sword are here. This must be a misunderstanding."As the leader of a guild, he had become more strong-willed. In fact, this was part of Heart of War's character. Someone like Jade Flower Lover from Blood Red War Flag would have rather died than say something like that."Don't be so embarrassed. How about we have a duel? If you win, we'll come with you. If you lose, then you have to stay out of the way," Fat Monkey laughed.Heart of War's face darkened. He was only level 55 and the players with him were all lower levelled than him.What was the point of deciding to PVP with a level 58 professional player? Even if he was lucky enough to win, how could he be sure that the other party would follow through with their promise? (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711502")})"What a pity. Your president is too embarrassed and can only apologize."Fat Monkey waved his hand and a large wave of skills came crashing upon the dozens of players. Although some of them tried to fight back, resistance was obviously impossible against these many enemies.Lu Li didn't say anything from the beginning until the end. Forcing Heart of War to leave in this way couldn't have imparted any positive feelings.However, it was obvious that this group of players were here to make trouble for Ruling Sword. This was their revenge - to remove some of their EXP and to acquire some of their equipment as a reward."Dammit, Boss, we actually got an Epic item!" Fat Monkey yelled.Lu Li had just thought about getting the equipment and this fact affirmed his thought. However, he didn't expect them to actually drop an Epic item.When did the Gangnam Royals become so rich that they would drop an Epic from just a dozen deaths? If they were this strong, surely they would have gotten past the top 16 in this season's league."This group was so strong. They didn't drop anything less than Dark Gold and there were rare materials too," Fat Monkey reported."How many pieces of equipment?"Lu Li couldn't believe it. These players died within one wave of attacks, but they had dropped better items than the average Boss. Even Wild Bosses would drop some Gold items."Seven pieces of equipment. One of them is an Epic Chain Mail Armour Glove and there are six pieces of Dark Gold. These items are all pretty good and there are even two rare materials."Lu Li checked the equipment saw that the Attributes were indeed excellent. They all had stones inserted and had been Fortified once or twice. This group of players would have at least been the core elite players.Giving out the items was also quite easy. The Chain Mail Amour was for healers, so it was given to a Shaman healer that had quite a few points to spend.The remaining six pieces of equipment were divided in a similar way and the rare materials were put into the guild warehouse. All the other miscellaneous items that were dropped were handed out among the players that attacked them to be sold. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711501")})