The Great Thief Chapter 1193 - Mass Dispel

Chapter 1193: Mass DispelTranslator: Halcyon Translations  Editor: Halcyon TranslationsThe Mold was at least worth 3000 gold, while the materials would be estimated to exceed 5000 gold. Furthermore, only a Grand Master Alchemist could make this item. However, this weapon would definitely be useful in the upcoming matches.Lu Li mulled over it for a little while, then made the decision to support him.This Axe had the potential to one-shot Sorrowless. Sorrowless' HP was just shy of 3000, since he had invested in high DPS, crowd control, mobility. As such, his HP was a little less than the average Mage. If this weapon had extremely high damage, an insta-kill would not be out of question with a critical hit.At this time, Mages around level 55 all had at least 3000 HP, while Thieves had a little more on average. In normal situations, no one from these two classes would exceed 4000 HP.Only Warriors' could currently exceed 4000 HP. The rest of the classes added their points into other Attributes, while bulky Warriors focused on their HP. These types of Warriors were much tankier than other Warriors, which meant that their role was to tank monsters.When they hit level 60, there was a specialist class advancement, which would make this specialty class of Warriors much more prominent.After distributing the rewarded loot amongst themselves, they decided to move onto the next Boss. This was Blackrock Spires' final Boss. The defeat of this Boss came at a price of wiping multiple times, so it would theoretically drop good items.Mark of the Dragon Lord was the best item that Overlord Wyrmthalak could drop.This item was extremely strong when they needed Fire Resistance.Remnant Dream didn't receive anything valuable, so she wasn't happy. Then, she walked up to Wyrmthalak's corpse.The first item was a Fusion Stone which reduced equipment requirement by 10%. Lu Li held onto this precious Stone.He didn't plan to use it any time soon; he just wanted to save up on these just in case the drop rate was lowered. After all, the drop rates were trending downwards with successive updates. In his previous life, there were few new stones being dropped. The stones on the market were mostly from earlier times when the drop rates were higher. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711500")})Using one would mean that there would be one less circulating in the game. Lu Li predicted that after two years, new players might not even know the existence of these Stones.This was one of Ruling Sword's trump cards. They used this time to stock up on these Stones when they dropped frequently, so that when they either used them or sold them in the future, there would be tremendous gains. There was a pre-requisite though - they needed money to make this happen. Although these Stones dropped frequently, their prices continued to skyrocket.The second item to drop was a skill book.After seeing this skill book, even Lu Li was a little unsettled.Why would this skill book drop here?What class could DPS, Heal, buff himself, crowd-fear, burn mana and dispel immunity skills? There were no limits to the trickery of Priests.Priests had DPS, which was unquestionable, but March Rain didn't place many of her skill points in DPS skills. Priests had the most stable and largest area of healing. They could buff others, or boost their own Armor. Mages were jealous of this, because they could only buff themselves.However, the Fear ability that Priests had was unparalleled by any other crowd-control skill at that time.Mana Burn was also extremely powerful, especially against Mages and Paladins. These classes all relied on their mana to do everything, so Priests completely countered them.As for the dispelling of immunity, this was what this skill book provided - Mass Dispel.All Priests had access to Dispel, which was mostly used to dispel status effects and magic. Different types of Priests would be able to dispel different things, such as Sickness or Curse.In Dawn, Dispel could be categorised into two types: Offensive and Defensive.Offensive Dispel skills were used to dispel an opponent's buffs, which made them much easier to kill. On the other hand, Defensive Dispel skills had the opposite effect and would be used to dispel debuffs on teammates.March Rain took the skill book and instantly learnt it. She did not realise how overpowered this would make her. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711502")})Perhaps she just felt that it was as simple as dispelling multiple people at a time, instead of dispelling them one by one.Only Lu Li knew that this Mass Dispel was something that could be used to dispel Freeze status inflicted by Mages, or Immunity for Paladins. Even Gale Steps would be affected.All skills would be rendered useless under the effects of Mass Dispel.No one would be able to claim their technique as the 'Ultimate technique'.The game company would have preferred to avoid the scenario where an 'ultimate' player would come along and join a fight while everyone ran away. Similarly, a Thief could just use Gale Steps to escape.A fight could only break out when there are two equal opposing sides.Of course, to have Mass Dispel did not mean that a Priest was invincible. Mass Dispel had a chance of dispelling immunity status, instead of it being a 100% chance. Therefore, in large-scale battles, the Paladins would rush in with their immunity status, after which the Priests would cast Mass Dispel. The unfortunate ones would have their status dispelled and would be quickly defeated.Lu Li planned to teach March Rain how to use Mass Dispel after they left the Instance Dungeon. He also planned to tell March Rain to not use it in public first, until the Finals when they faced Glory Capital.As for the rare materials, it was fortunate that a Black Dragonscale dropped.The reason why it was fortunate was because Wyrmthalak had a greater chance to drop broken Dragonscales. This was the case for most Dragon-type Bosses. These broken scales couldn't be used for many things, so many people wouldn't even take a second glance at them.Black Dragonscales were different - these were outstanding materials. NPC quests that involved the collecting of these materials would give tremendous rewards upon completion. Furthermore, if these were used as crafting materials in Armor, there was a high chance of producing exquisite quality properties.Lu Li stored this away. As a Forger, he was extremely happy when he had received this material. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711501")})