The Great Thief Chapter 1125 - This Is Cheating!

Chapter 1125: This Is Cheating!Translator: Halcyon Translations  Editor: Halcyon TranslationsIt took a long time for Lu Li to finish all the Molds that had been lined up by the players. Some of them were weaker than the others, but they were all satisfied with their daggers.Most of what Lu Li had produced was at least of Superior quality and Fine at the very worst. If these players tried to Forge their weapons elsewhere, a Fine quality weapon would cost an extra 20 gold and an exquisite item would cost an extra 50.As for a Perfect Item? It was almost unthinkable for a Perfect item to be made.Lu Li had reached Master (400)!He could finally start Forging the Felstriker.He had piles of ore on hand, as all the players who had come to get their items forged were mining for Lu Li. Although there were no unique variations of the ore, he had no shortage of superior quality ore.Lu Li intended to mix this Superior Quality Ore into the Mold's Forging in certain proportions. An experienced Forger knew exactly what the ratios should be. An understanding of such techniques could result in a stronger Dagger being formed; this was called the alloy Forging technique. However, if it failed, the Forging would result in a pile of scrap iron.The flame had become very pure after half a day of Forging, so everything was ready.Lu Li closed his eyes and quietly tried to find the same feeling as before. In the moments that he created the few Perfect items, there was a strange but indescribable feeling.After a few moments, he grabbed a Dark Iron ingot and began beating it with his Forging Hammer.In fact, many Forgers didn't dare to treat exquisite ores too roughly. They would always think that they would ruin them if they weren't careful. However, Lu Li's experience told him that true Forging required a measure of decisiveness. The outcome that resulted would be a combination of your determination and will.Of course, one also had to identify the grain of the ore and follow it.Although Lu Li's hammer was an exquisite item that could improve the level of an equipment, it didn't have a great probability of Forging a Perfect item. This came down to a thorough understanding of Forging.Lu Li had mainly studied two Trade Skills - Engineering and Forging. He had put in great efforts in both these Trade Skills to improve at them.Most players, especially profession players, preferred to put their time and energy into levelling and quests. However, Lu Li, who had never felt a sense of security, didn't want to do that. He wanted to continue learning, so even if he was one day removed from the Level Rankings, or if Ruling Sword was gone, he would be able to support himself and his sister with his two Trade Skills. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711500")})After the Dark Iron Ingots had been beaten for some time, he began placing in the other rare materials.The shape of the dagger was gradually formed, and Lu Li was completely invested. In that moment, he had lost track of time and even the original procedure. He was completely focused on the materials that he had before him.The originally non-living bundle of items seemed to now be alive as they moved into position and became part of the dagger. They weren't just being beaten into the item, but they seemed to be coming together in harmony.In that moment, Lu Li felt like he had gained a whole new level of understanding.Although he knew that it would be very difficult to repeat this experience afterwards, the feeling of having glimpsed at the truth was wonderful. Lu Li, who was quite knowledgeable compared to most, did not know if he would ever experience this again.System: The Forging was a success, Forging EXP +8The System's prompt pulled him back to reality and Lu Li stopped swinging his hammer. If the item that had been Forged by him was then broken by his hands, that would be a cruel joke.Felstriker (Perfect Epic): Damage 88-120, Agility +120, Strength +100, Critical Hit: +35%. Three Slots. Special Effect 1: Ambush Skill Level +1, +1 Combo Points gained for using this skill. Special Effect 2: After the user lands a successful critical hit, gain 50% damage increased for 10 seconds. Special Effect 3: Phantom Shift - Six Phantoms appear randomly that last three seconds each. The user can choose to change positions with one of them at any time. 2 hour cooldown. Special Effect 4: Bloodlust, Instant Cast, consumes 20% of HP to increase Attack Power by 50%, Attack Speed by 50% and Movement Speed by 50%. Lasts for 10 seconds. 2 hour cooldown. After using this effect, the user is satisfied and can no longer be affected by other Bloodlust or time warp effects for 10 minutes. Equipment Requirement: Level 60. Durability 320/320.This was a Perfect Epic. Lu Li had no words.This dagger had completely surpassed his imagination. He was skeptical as to whether he would be able to find any level 60 item that would be better than this.Of course, this all had to do with the fact that it was 'Perfect'. In terms of Damage, the lower boundary of the range was greater than the maximum damage his current Widowmaker could deal as a level 45 item.This weapon increased the user's Attributes by 220 points. Sea Breeze only increased a user's Attributes by 130 points, which was quite a significant gap. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711502")})The first special effect which buffed Ambush was normal. All Felstrikers buffed Ambush, but they didn't increase the number of combo points.Combo points were quite a precious thing. Under normal circumstances, they were accumulated with common skills. For example, Shadowstrike added a combo point, while Ambush now added three. This was the only skill Lu Li had seen that could add three combo points.The critical hit effect wasn't very eye-catching for Lu Li, but considering his current critical hit frequency, it would be a useful effect for him anyway.Having 10 seconds of increased damage was quite valuable. If he landed another critical hit again within those ten seconds, the effect could be stacked. If it weren't for the fact that this was a Perfect Felstriker, it would only increase his damage by 20%.The third special effect was an enhanced Phantom Shift, which normally only produced three phantoms.This skill had practical uses for both escaping and pursuing. Six phantoms randomly appeared within Lu Li's visual range and he could teleport to any one of them as he chose.Special effect four was a personal version of Bloodlust, and it was also enhanced. This was even stronger then Sakura Memories' skill. With this special effect, a Thief holding Felstriker would simply become a God within those 10 seconds. Most players would have no chance of surviving through the duration of the effect. Mages would immediately think of using Ice Block when they saw a Thief use the Felstriker effect against them.After a while, Lu Li quickly took out a -10% Level Reducing Gem that he had acquired from a shipwreck, and a 10% attack increase Gem.This gem had been given to him by Hachi Chan, who had gone through a number of very cumbersome quests to get it. As a result, Lu Li had to agree to some very demanding terms in exchange.This 10% increase wasn't to be underestimated as it wasn't a fixed buff. This 10% would apply even after Lu Li's Attributes continued to increase and would accumulate over time.After placing in the three gems, Felstriker's Attributes increased by another step.Just before he was going to Strengthen it, Lu Li suddenly remembered that he had something to do, but he was afraid he was too late.He couldn't help but break out in cold sweat. He had been so focused on the Felstriker today that he had forgotten about the System Update where the Mentoring System would come out. When the Mentoring System was introduced, the most famous Potion Master of this generation would enter the game. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711501")})