The Great Thief Chapter 1055 - Illusion

Chapter 1055: IllusionTranslator: Halcyon Translations  Editor: Halcyon TranslationsThe two wolves who were responsible for attacking Unforgettable Maple and Elevenless used their final skills. Both players were fighting as hard as they could, but they didn't want to cast their strongest damage reduction skills now. They even closed their eyes as the skills landed.Huh?After two seconds, they opened their eyes to find that they unexpectedly hadn't lost all their HP.In fact, somehow both of their HP bars were full.They looked around for the figures that were attacking them, and found that they had disappeared.Azure Sea Breeze was still pulling the Boss, but he looked smaller than before and his attack power seemed to be weaker."Lu Li, how did you find the real body?" Unforgettable Maple asked eagerly. Although he wasn't the president of Majin Temple, he wanted to know things regarding guild management. Majin Temple was very weak in terms of Instance Dungeons and Boss strategies. If there was an opportunity to learn, he would jump on it, regardless of his reputation."There isn't that much to it; you just have to look at the aura under their feet," Lu Li said calmly.Nowadays, most players liked to guess illusions by estimating their Attack and Defense. The reasoning was that the illusions had to be weaker than the main body. However, in a time-sensitive situation, how could they make such a judgment? Lu Li preferred to look at the Boss' aura. Most of them had a different kind of halo or certain runes that made them stand out.The strength of this wolf Boss was in its ability to create illusions of itself.For example, it could make three players feel like they were fighting one Boss each.Previously, Unforgettable Maple, Elevenless and Kitty Likes Meat all felt like they were attacking the actual Boss. This wasn't because of an error in judgment but because of the powerful illusions.However, when the illusions vanished, Unforgettable Maple and Elevenless discovered that they hadn't actually lost any HP.After the first illusions, the players all attacked the wolf to take it down two-thirds of its HP.The wolf's HP wasn't higher than that of an Instance Dungeon Boss, but was closer to a Wild Boss. By now, it had lost significant amount of health, which was why they knew they could defeat this Boss with 10 players. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711500")})The wolf had shrunk further and began to transform again.Lu Li and the others who had experienced this skill before were now ready and had no doubt that they could advance through this third transition quite smoothly.But surprisingly, the wolf didn't create any illusions this time. Instead, it summoned two monsters - one melee and one ranged. When they appeared, they looked confused for a moment before attacking Lu Li and his teammates.This form of attack was quite familiar …Lu Li could always feel when something wasn't quite right, but he couldn't quite work it out this time. As such, he just focused on the melee monster, planning to take it out quickly.Lu Li's Shadowstrike went straight for the monster's chest, but what surprised him was that it actually blocked his attack.How was this possible?!Lu Li almost yelped in surprise. He couldn't believe that the game company could design a monster that could block his attack and still classify it as a regular monster.A celebrity player who was known for his technique had actually been blocked by a regular monster.He subconsciously looked over to the other players and wanted to know if anyone else noticed what had just happened.It didn't seem like anyone else had discovered this yet; they were all focused on fighting.Lu Li dodged the counterattack of the monster he had just attacked and counted the number of players on the field.There were eight of them. Why were there only eight of them? Not including the Boss and the two monsters, there were only eight bodies left. Where had his two other teammates gone?He watched the monster that was chasing him before he finally realized what had happened."Stop! Everyone stop!" Lu Li yelled as he jumped onto the voice channel. After yelling a few times, he noticed that the two monsters in his line of sight had also stopped.Damn this Boss!Not only did Lu Li want to swear, but he also felt a chill go down his spine.In reality, if such a scene occurred it would be because of a group hallucination. However, because this was a game, it was obviously one of the Boss' skills."Stop fighting the monsters. Everyone attack the Boss," Lu Li ordered in the channel.Those monsters were their teammates. He didn't know what the Boss had cast, but it altered their teammates' appearances and allowed them to deal damage to each other. The monster that Lu Li attacked obviously Water Fairy. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711502")})Fortunately, his opponent was quite skilled as well and wasn't easy to kill. Otherwise, he might have accidentally reduced their numbers.This illusion lasted for 30 seconds. After the duration, the monsters would return to human form, revealing Water Fairy and Hachi Chan as the targets.Once they realized who they thought their opponents were, everything became clear.This Boss was relatively difficult to deal with. If the commander wasn't observant, they could have been wiped because of the illusions."In any case, the Boss' attacks aren't that strong. It probably doesn't have any strong attack moves, so everyone just keep fighting steadily," Lu Li said.However, the Boss began to use actual skills to fight back.When it started to expand again, Lu Li was forced to eat his words. He refused to believe that this was just a bluff like at the start of the fight. After all, everything was bound to be revealed if the battle went on for long enough.The current expansion was obviously a precursor to some kind of ultimate skill."Full damage output!"Regardless of what it was, the rapid depletion of the Boss' HP meant that they weredefinitely entering the next stage.Nightslayer Ghostface: (Exquisite Dark Gold): Armor 60, Agility 55, Strength +30, Dark Field of View +30%, 2 Slots. Special Effect 1: Wild Roar. The caster roars, increasing base attack power of everyone within 30 yards by 10%. Lasts 30 seconds. 20 minute cooldown. Special Effect 2: Shadow Plunder. Randomly obtains a buff from the target. Lasts 20 minutes. 30 minute cooldown. Special Effect 3: Void Gaze, Increases the probability of finding Stealthed units for 60 seconds. 20 minute cooldown. Equipment Requirement: Level 55. Durability 280/280.Lu Li activated special effect 2 in an attempt to steal the buff from the Boss that was causing it to expand.But obviously, the System couldn't allow such a thing to happen. Instead, he received a buff for 10% Magic Damage reduction for 20 minutes.In order to increase their overall damage output, Lu Li also used special effect 1. In the absence of Sakura Memories, Lu Li had no choice but to step in for her role. (vitag.Init = window.vitag.Init || []).push(function(){viAPItag.display("vi_711501")})